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3% AFFF Low Temperature Foam

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Chemguard Inc.

Chemguard Inc.

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Chemguard develops and produces fire suppression foams, equipment, and systems, specialty foam pumps, and fluorosurfactant specialty chemicals for demanding applications around the globe.

Due to the weight of foam, a special handling fee may apply. This product does not qualify for free shipping and standard LTL freight shipping costs may be assessed.

Sold in 5-gallon containers

Chemguard 3% AFFF-LT is a specially formulated, synthetic, aqueous film forming foam concentrate. A vapor suppressing aqueous film is formed by the foam solution draining from the expanded foam blanket. It is intended for use at a proportioning rate of 3% (3 parts AFFF-LT concentrate to 97 parts water) on Class “B” hydrocarbon type fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc. Chemguard 3% AFFF-LT is not intended for use on fuels, which are polar solvent/water miscible such as alcohols, ketones, esters, etc.

  • U.L. 162, Foam Liquid Concentrates
  • Suitable for use down to –20 degrees F
  • U. L. recommended topside application rate on hydrocarbon type fuels is .10/gpm ft²
  • Listing with JS-10 only
  • Suitable for use with either fresh or salt water
  • Excellent wetting characteristics when used in combating Class “A” fuel fires
  • Suitable for use with both aspirating foam and standard water fog nozzles
  • Suitable for use with deluge or closed head foam water sprinkler system
  • If inadvertently frozen, thawing will render product completely serviceable again
  • Suitable for use with carbon steel, fiberglass, polyethylene or stainless steel. Chemguard 3% AFFF-LT is not compatible with galvanized pipe or fittings in an undiluted form.
  • Suitable for use with siliconized dry chemical extinguishing agents
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