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Bowring Personal Firefighter Tool

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The Paul Conway Shields Bowring Personal Firefighter Tool is an innovative multi-purpose tool recently designed by 2 Oklahoma Firefighters. Pound for Pound it's the most Versatile Tool Ever!
Bowring Personal Firefighter Tool
Bowring Personal Firefighter Tool Bowring Personal Firefighter Tool

The Bowring firefighting tool is 8.1 inches tall, 5.9 inches wide, and .375 inches thick and weighs 22 ounces, so it easily fits into a firefighter's bunker pants. It is made of 17-4 steel and incredibly strong with no plastic or moving parts.

The Bowrings many uses include:

  • Hose advancement
  • RIT firefighter drag
  • High-rise tool (use as a cheater-bar, standpipe wheel, spanner wrench)
  • Gas shutoff
  • Windshield removal and glass ripper
  • O2 wrench
  • Door wedge
  • Water shutoff
  • Mattress hook
  • Forcible entry tool
  • Spanner wrench (fits pin lugs, rocker-lugs, and storz lugs)
  • Gypsum board ripper (cleanly rips through while looking for hot spots)
  • Nance drill - Denver drill

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Paul Conway

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