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Breathing Air Cascade Systems

SCBAS, Inc. Breathing Air Cascade Systems features your choice of 4500 or 6000 psi cylinders as well as an optional storage rack.


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Located in Peoria, IL, SCBAS, Inc. has been serving the breathing air industry since 1974 and helping you breathe a little easier.

With a pigtailed system, each cylinder is connected together with a tee connection and a 24" flexible pigtail. To cascade this system when filling SCBA cylinders, the operator must open and close each storage cylinder valve individually as needed.

Cylinders are DOT Approved. Fill hoses not included.

  • Your choice of 4500 or 6000 psi cylinders
  • Cylinders with valve and cap
  • Tee connections
  • Seal-tight inlet cap
  • 24" flexible pigtail between each cylinder
  • Steel storage rack (also available without rack)
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