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Darley is excited for the release of our all new Equipment Catalog 275. So excited, in fact, that we've decided to give away some of the great gear you'll find inside. Sign up below for our mailing list and be entered to win gloves from Ringer or a helmet light from Streamlight. Good luck!




Vantage Helmet Mounted

Compact, lightweight, and low-profile, the Vantage has been designed to easily attach above or below full brim. Fits both traditional and modern style fire helmets, industrial helmets, and hard hats. The light features the latest in power LED technology combined with an ultra-bright blue LED safety taillight. Powered by lithium batteries, the C4 LED technology produces 2 to 3 times the output of previous LEDs.




Hybrid Extrication Hi-Vis Gloves

Ringer’s Extrication gloves are made with high performance materials for maximum durability in the field. High performance synthetic leather and Kevlar blended fabric are used to ensure maximum dexterity, durability, and comfort so rope rescue, fire fighter, and extrication personnel can do their jobs without ever needing to remove their gloves.