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Chimfex can extinguish a chimney fire in just seconds. It’s the product that’s been proven most effective over 40 years of use by safety professionals across the country, so you know it’ll do the job and do it well. Use Chimfex in your fireplace or wood-burning heater and protect yourself against chimney fires.
Chimfex® Chimfex®

Protect Your Home From Dangerous Chimney Fires

Rutland 3412 Chimney Fire Suppressant is America's leading chimney fire extinguisher. Protect your home and your family by using Chimfex®, the product that's used by homeowners, professional firefighters, and chimney sweeps nationwide!

  • Suppresses a chimney fire in an average of 22 sec.
  • Indispensable as the first line of defense for controlling chimney fires
  • Chimfex® smoke emissions rise up the flue to replace the oxygen
  • In a few seconds Chimfex® will effectively smother the chimney fire
  • Fast, toss-in convenience
  • Allows a homeowner to react effectively to control flames and heat build-up during a chimney fire until professional firefighters arrive
  • Works safely with no water damage
  • Use in wood stoves or fireplaces
Orion Safety Products

Orion Safety Products

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Orion Safety Products is the world’s leading manufacturer of emergency flares and other signaling devices. When you use flares, chances are you’re using an Orion product, backed by nearly 100 years of innovation, engineering technology and superior safety.

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