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Circul-Air Dual Purpose Dryer

Circul-Air Dual Purpose Dryer dries Hose Or Clothing In Just A Few Hours


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Circul-Air Corp is the world's foremost manufacturer of cleaning, handling, drying and storage equipment for fire hose and turn out gear. Circul-Air's quality line of professional-grade, extreme-duty products are proudly made in the USA.

The Dual Purpose Dryer allows hose and turnout gear to be dried quickly and safely, minimizing shrinkage while ensuring a rapid return to service. When emergencies arise, you want your equipment ready to go, so it’s essential to get hose and turnout gear back into service as quickly as possible. Our high capacity drying cabinet handles up to 500' of 5" hose. Ten removable galvanized steel shelves permit other items to be dried in the cabinet, and a 12-hr. timer shuts down the dryer automatically. You’ll use less energy and never overheat and damage the hose.

  • Departments large and small will reap the benefits of this hose dryer
  • Fresh air is drawn over the heating elements by the top mounted recirculating fan, warming the air to the proper temperature
  • As warmed air circulates from the bottom up through the hose
  • The warm air changes 5 to 6 times a minute dries hose jackets in a few hours
  • Contact Darley today for more specifications.
  • Ship. wt. 1100 lbs.
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