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Combat Sniper Double Jacket Attack Hose

Key Hose Combat Sniper Double Jacket Attack Hose features higher flows, faster targeting, and increased handling.
Combat Sniper Double Jacket Attack Hose
Combat Sniper Double Jacket Attack Hose

An operational attack line with legendary, double jacketed, extruded through-the-weave nitrile/PVC tube construction and true 1.78" diameter. Combat Sniper is engineered for low-pressure nozzle applications with targeted flow ranges of 145-175 GPM. This innovative design provides premium kink resistance that allows for precise handling during the push for tightly controlled water mapping. Packs on the shoulder as well as it does in the hose bed. Combat Sniper, exclusively from the hose experts at Key.

Hose Construction

This hose is designed specifically for aggressive fire attack operations and is recommended for low-pressure nozzle applications. The outer jacket is woven from ring-spun staple polyester yarns over an inner liner consisting of a one-piece extruded through-the-weave nitrile/PVC tube. Color or clear coat abrasion resistant "Key-Lok” process is standard. Combat Sniper is manufactured in a high-visibility fashion with four black and green stripes running the length of the hose. This heat, abrasion, and kink-resistant hose shall have superior friction loss characteristics. Lengths are available up to 75'. Warranty: Hose shall carry a 10-year written warranty, which includes a 1-year all hazards warranty.

Inner Hose Properties

When the hose is tested in accordance with NFPA 1961, the liner shall have the following properties:
Ultimate Tensile Strength - Shall not be less than 1200 psi.
Ultimate Elongation - Shall not be less than 200%.
Accelerated Aging Test - Shall meet requirements of UL19 for accelerated aging.
Adhesion - Between reinforcement and liner shall be a minimum of 20 pounds.
Ozone Resistance - Shall show no signs of visible cracking of the cover of liner when tested in accordance with ASTM D1149-91 and ASTM D518-86 (R91), Procedure B.
Chemical Resistance - Exposure to seawater and contamination by most chemicals will have no effect on the short or long term performance of the hose.

Safety Factors

Abrasion Resistance - A direct relationship to the safe performance of the fire hose. The UL abrasion test most closely resembles the fire ground use of a fire hose and as such, is considered of prime importance. Hose meeting all of the abrasion resistance safety factors below shall do so without exceeding average weights.

UL Abrasion - The hose shall pass a burst test after 5000 cycles on a reciprocating abrasion tester - as specified in UL Standard 19.

Cold Resistance Safety Factor - Hose shall be capable of safe use down to -35 °F. The hose shall have no apparent damage to cover reinforcement or lining when subjected to the following cold flexibility test: a 50' length of dry hose is coiled and placed in a cold box at -65 °F for a duration of 24 hours. Immediately after removal of the hose from the box, the hose should be uncoiled and laid out by one operator.

Flashover Resistance Safety Factor - Heat resistance is of the utmost importance when evaluating interior attack hose. This hose shall meet the safety factors for heat resistance without exceeding the normal fire hose weight.

Water Pick-up Weight - The tendency for a hose to absorb water while in a wet environment can create significant handling difficulties. When tested against the procedure listed in MIL-H-24606 latest edition, the maximum weight gain shall not exceed 3 pounds per 50' length.

Inside Diameter

The finished inside diameter of Combat Sniper hose shall be 1.78" respectively, with a tolerance of 1.2% when measured according to UL-19 standards.


Combat Sniper shall be supplied with aluminum 6061-T6 USA-manufactured couplings. Knurled couplings and other custom features are available upon special request. Barcode recess is available at an additional charge.

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