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Decon Wipes and Towels

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Black Smoke Decon Wipes and Towels are pre-moistened towels and wipes focused on the firefighter, first responder and military communities.
Black Smoke

Black Smoke

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We are proud to work alongside our country's heroic first responders, providing an essential product that delivers a reliable first line of defense to help protect their health and well-being on every call.

Black Smoke Decon Wipes and Towels are currently used by the US Forest Service, the military, various fire departments around the country, Homeland Security and other government and non-government agencies. They have been used for wildfire firefighters in an effort to remove soot and carcinogens before they can cause skin cancer. The wipes and towels are simple to use and leave no residual odor leaving firefighters and first responders clean and refreshed.

Decon Wipes and Towels are great for:

  • Firefighters
  • EMS
  • Police
  • Military
  • Search and Rescue
  • Disaster Relief
  • On-Site Cleanup
  • HazMat

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Black Smoke Decon Wipes and Towels Brochure

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