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Electro-Mechanical Siren

Sentry Siren Electro-Mechanical Siren is an extremely loud & powerful siren for outdoor or indoor installations, fully weatherproofed, rated at 111 db. at 10 ft.. UL Listed for continuous duty and motor fully enclosed for added protection.
Sentry Siren

Sentry Siren

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Sentry Siren, Inc. has been producing the world’s finest warning sirens since 1905.

Can be used as a general emergency signal in industrial and small municipal area or as a fire alarm. Recommended for use in any location where a dependable low cost 110-volt siren is needed. We have received many orders from small villages who use it for in-town fire protection. Voltage: 110 AC/DC , Amps: 2.5. Measures 14 1/2" long x 12" high. Features powder-coated finish over heavy-gauge aluminum for the most durable scratch resistant finish on the market. Uses low power consumption while providing high sound output. Projectors are aluminum and the air intake is screened to prevent foreign matter from reaching the mechanism. Can be mounted on any solid surface using two bolts. May be swiveled 180º vertically or horizontally. Takes direct conduit connection to the siren.

  • UL Listed. Ship. wt. 13 lbs.