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Fire Hose

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  1. Single Hose Wrapper
    Single Hose Wrapper
  2. FireCalc Pocket Calculator
    FireCalc Pocket Calculator
  3. Hose Cutter
    Hose Cutter
  4. Milwaukee Strap Hose Pack
    Milwaukee Strap Hose Pack

    Starting at $171.95

  5. Combat Ready Fire Hose
    Combat Ready Fire Hose

    Starting at $267.95

  6. Hose Jacket Sleeve
    Hose Jacket Sleeve

    Starting at $103.95

  7. Hebert Hose Clamp
    Hebert Hose Clamp

    Starting at $51.95

  8. Hose Shutoff Clamp
    Hose Shutoff Clamp
  9. Leather Hose Jacket
    Leather Hose Jacket
  10. Hose Ramp
    Hose Ramp
  11. Double Donut Strap
    Double Donut Strap
  12. Hose Vice
    Hose Vice
  13. Gripper Hose System
    Gripper Hose System
  14. Hydrostatic Test Pump
    Hydrostatic Test Pump
  15. Hose & Ladder Strap
    Hose & Ladder Strap
  16. Barrel Strainer
    Barrel Strainer

    Starting at $96.95

  17. Booster Tools
    Booster Tools

    Starting at $33.95

  18. Hose Pin Rack
    Hose Pin Rack

    Starting at $232.95

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Items 97-117 of 117

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It’s pretty simple. You use water to fight a fire and that water is delivered through a hose and a nozzle. Except it’s not that simple. You need the right hose and the right nozzle. People near the fire? You need to reduce steam. Apartment on the upper floors? You need to get up those stairs in a hurry and a heavy hose will weight you down. Forest fire? You need a hose specifically designed to tackle everything the fire can throw at you.

Every professional knows that his fire hose has to be as tough as he is. It can’t be stopped by high heat. It can’t be vulnerable to a hot ember or an abrasion. It can’t kink. It has to be the right hose for the job. Darley knows and has a wide selection of hoses, including Darley hoses that are manufactured to the highest standards to insure maximum flow with minimum friction loss. Whether you choose Darley’s own brand or another of their carefully selected hoses, you know that if it’s made the grade to get into the Darley equipment lineup; it will do the job for you. Count on it.

You need lots of hoses – different sizes, different types and everything to fight every fire including booster hoses to suction hoses. Darley has them all. Plus, your hose needs to go where you go so Darley has the hose bridges, hose packs and hose straps you need. Your hose needs the right nozzle so Darley has a selection that includes one for every need. And, your hose needs your help to keep it at the ready. All the equipment to take care of your fire hoses is right there, too. It’s all at Darley – where every piece of equipment is hand-selected and priced to give you the best product and the best value. When equipment counts – count on Darley.