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FireTKO – Fire Suppression Tool (FST)

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Under the best of circumstances, it will be five minutes from time of call to the arrival of the fire department all while the fire has continued to grow, rage, threaten occupants, the structure and contents. Why wait? Turn those on the scene into first responders by deploying an aerosol FST (Fire Suppression Tool) by FireTKO.
FireTKO – Fire Suppression Tool (FST)
FireTKO – Fire Suppression Tool (FST) Basement Fire, Big Bend WI USA A Miracle Machine

As a fire starts, so does the clock.

  • Call 9-1-1, give information to the dispatcher = 1 minute or more
  • Dispatcher takes caller information and dispatches the fire department = 1 minute or more
  • Fire Department receives information and starts responding = 90 seconds to several minutes
  • Fire Department strive to arrive within 4 minutes of travel time 90% of the time.

Aerosol Extinguishing systems were developed to replace the Halon-like extinguishing systems that were mainly used in marine applications. Aerosol extinguishing systems have advanced through years of scientific research and development.

  • FireTKO is a condensed aerosol based fire suppression system that extinguishes and suppresses fires in seconds. It is 6 to 10 times more effective than Halon 1301.
  • FireTKO is effective for A, B, C and K class fires.

Aerosols are extremely successful in early stage and fully developed fires. Due to the great stability of the active compounds, aerosol particles remain suspended in the air for about one hour, preventing re-ignition at recommended concentrations. So, while the fire department is responding, deploy a FireTKO in two easy steps and attempt to keep the fire in check.

Benefits of the FireTKO – Fire Suppression Tool (FST):

  • The aerosol does not remove oxygen to extinguish. Not harmful to people or animals.
  • The aerosol is non-corrosive (is not destructive like typical fire extinguishers).
  • The aerosol is zero Ozone Depletion Potential, not harmful to the atmosphere.
  • Quicker, earlier knockdown assists in the preservation of structural integrity
  • Quicker, earlier knockdowns can preserve fire scenes for investigations of cause, origins, criminal activity.
  • Quicker knockdowns, less water usage, less fire, less smoke can significantly reduce insurance claims.
  • 15-year shelf life on the aerosol.

The FST by FireTKO is best deployed as close to the area of fire origin as possible and preferably in a contained space. The FireTKO aerosol fills a space volumetrically up to 5,300 cubic feet.



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FireTKO’s mission will be to educate every government agency, business, and individual about this highly effective weapon against dangerous and deadly fires.

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