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McLeod Forestry Firefighting Tool - 48 in. Wooden Handle

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Our McLeod Tool with a 48-inch wooden handle is more than just a tool - it's a trusted ally for those fighting forest fires. Its robust build and purpose-focused design make it the preferred choice for those at the frontline of fire control and management. Equip yourself with our McLeod Tool today, and experience the difference it makes in your firefighting efforts.
McLeod Forestry Firefighting Tool - 48 in. Wooden Handle
McLeod Forestry Firefighting Tool - 48 in. Wooden Handle McLeod Forestry Firefighting Tool - In Use McLeod Forestry Firefighting Tool - Closeup McLeod Forestry Firefighting Tool - Lying on the forest ground

The McLeod Tool is a firefighting essential designed in strict compliance with the USDA Forest Service Specification 5100-353D dated November 1992 (or the most recent version). This tool is specifically engineered for firefighters and forestry professionals in wildfire control and mitigation. Made proudly in the USA, the McLeod Tool combines the functionalities of a rake and a hoe to offer maximum efficiency in firefighting scenarios.


  • High Carbon Steel Blade: The tool has a meticulously formed and sharpened high-carbon steel blade. This blade is designed to provide superior performance, whether for clearing fire lines or clawing through dense undergrowth.
  • Heat Treated for Extra Durability: The blade has been heat-treated, increasing its toughness and wear resistance and making it resilient during intensive wildfire control activities.
  • Black Enamel Finish: The blade features a black enamel finish, giving it a professional look and providing superior rust resistance, ensuring it stands up to demanding weather conditions during firefighting operations.
  • Enhanced Ferrule Joint: With a focus on durability and functionality, the enhanced ferrule joint offers a secure connection between the blade and the handle, ensuring stability and strength during high-pressure fire control activities.
  • 48 in American Ash Handle: The 48-inch handle, made of strong and durable American ash wood, provides extended reach and excellent leverage, crucial in firefighting situations. Its natural wood composition ensures a comfortable grip, helping reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use.
  • Easy Assembly: This tool is delivered disassembled but can be put together in minutes. All necessary assembly components and straightforward instructions are included for quick and easy setup.

McLeod tool with a 48" handle. Produced in accordance with USDA Forest Service Specification 5100-353D, dated November 1992, or latest version thereof. Combination of a rake and a hoe used primarily for clearing brush and other surface debris and for digging in the soil to construct fire control lines on wildfires and controlled burns.

  • Made in USA.
  • High carbon steel blade, formed and sharpened for digging and clawing.
  • Heat Treated for toughness and wear resistance. Black enamel finish for rust resistance.
  • Enhanced ferrule joint for strength and durability.
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