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G1 Siren Controller

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G1 Siren Controller
G1 Siren Controller

Hand Wired Activation and Control

The simplest things in life are sometimes the best. Maybe that’s true with siren controls too? The easiest controller we offer is named Gen-1. A variation of the Gen-3, our flagship siren controller, the Gen-1 provides users with all the benefits of the Gen-3 without the wireless option. Just connect power to the Gen-1 then connect it to the siren. Simple. Ease of use was a pinnacle when designing the timing functions of the Gen-1. If the user doesn’t like the current on/off time the siren performs, a few simple button pushes will allow infinite adjustment. There is just no need to pay for a technician to make such simple adjustments. The Gen-1 comes completely programmed in a NEMA 4X enclosure from the factory, so when the user installs the controller, it’s ready to go.

  • PLC based environment (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Auto Test Function standard
  • User programmable siren timing controls
  • Push-button activation
  • Windows based programming environment
  • Battery backup capability available
Sentry Siren

Sentry Siren

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