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Gore® Particulate Hoods

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Gore® Particulate Hoods offer excellent protection with the particulate-blocking layer that is present throughout the entire hood.
Gore® Particulate Hoods
Gore® Particulate Hoods Gore® Particulate Hoods Gore® Particulate Hoods Gore® Particulate Hoods Gore® Particulate Hoods Gore® Particulate Hoods

Offers a more traditional hood-wearing experience with the BINDING benefits of particulate protection.

ONE SIZE FITS all convenience

Excellent breathability

Exceptional durability

Continues to block 99.9% of particles in the 0.1 to 1.0 micron range after laundering; exceeds strength requirements in the NFPA 1971-2018 standard

The construction is optimized to reduce interference with sounds and signals on the fireground

The GORE® Particulate Hood GEN2 combines the expertise of the industry leader in barrier technology with the skill of one of the most respected hood manufacturers

Majestic Fire Apparel knits, cuts, sews, and ships the GORE® Particulate Hood GEN2 in Lehighton, PA


  • Head Design
  • Bib(Apron) Design
  • Comfort insert on the crown of the head replaces traditional center seam.
  • Longer length, notched shoulder bib design


  • Head and Bib
  • 2 ply material (outer to inner)
  • GORE® Particulate Blocking Layer 2.0


  • Head Length - 15"
  • Bib (Apron) Length - 8"

Face Opening

  • Circular face opening, sewn with 1/2” elastic.
  • Elastic is encapsulated in material and cover stitched.

Inspection Opening

The GORE® Particulate Hood GEN2 has an Inspection Opening in the back binding of the hood. The Inspection Opening allows the hood to be turned inside out so the GORE® Particulate Blocking Layer 2.0 can be visually inspected for damage.


Binding of same fabric material to enhance design with a finished look.

Majestic Fire Apparel

Majestic Fire Apparel

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Majestic offers fire retardant hoods featured are UL certified to be compliant with NFPA 1971 current edition. Industrial, Welding, and Electrical hoods, apparel and accessories - many of which are third party certified.

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