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Hand Pump

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Frozen Hydrants Are Serious Hazards
Frozen Hydrants Are Serious Hazards

The hydrant pump will pump a hydrant empty in a few strokes. Made with quality materials to last for years. The cylinder is seamless drawn, Brass. The plunger rod is steel and 3/8 inch diameter, the cylinder is 1 1/2" diameter. Top and bottom castings are extra-heavy solid brass castings. The pumping handle is solid hardwood. Other pumps with checks inside can be made cheaper but they are practically worthless for pumping out hydrants and soon rust, stick or draw air. Ours is made with all brass check valves on the outside, individual valves, entirely separate from the barrel cylinder. Can’t rust, always ready to use. Only one hose is needed to drop down the body of the fire hydrant. Hose 8 feet long and coupling included.

  • Ship. wt. 9 lbs.