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Hose Handler with Dewatering Bar

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  • Prevent some back injuries related to handling large diameter hose
  • Lift and move rolled large diameter hose: 5" hose = 110 lbs. per 100' lengths; 6" hose = 130 lbs. per 100' lengths
  • Move any large diameter hose that is charged: take the kinks out of LDH or move LDH out of the roadway to prevent it from being run over by vehicles
  • Remove water and air from LDH to facilitate easier repacking
  • Lift large beams used in trench rescue or any other large item that may fit in the “jaws” of the Hose Handler
  • Built-in spanner wrench to connect and disconnect LDH butts: Storz or standard thread
  • Gives firefighters a more ergonomically correct grip on heavy, awkward and difficult-to-handle objects
  • Made of stainless steel and tenzaloid, an aluminum alloy, to ensure long life and no rusting
  • 1 year warranty