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Hydrant Diffuser

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Protect Property & Vehicles From Possible Water Force Damage
Protect Property & Vehicles From Possible Water Force Damage

Created to overcome the constant problem of traffic disruption and water force damage to property and vegetation in the testing area. Discharge stream velocity is slowed and redirected while flowing through a series of steel grids. The Pattern diverter, on outer edge of discharge cone, directs diffused stream to side or down, depending on adjustable settings. Slots in the case inlet adapter permit a firm hold of pitot gauge against the full water force before diffusion, assuring a more accurate pitot reading. The pipe like projection at the right serves as a handle for easy threading during hydrant attachment. Even high pressure hydrants delivering 1125 GPM are now limited to a discharge distance of 5 feet. Fully in accord with "Special Interest Bulletins" of the American Insurance Association.

  • 2 1/2" NST threads.
  • Ship wt. 10 lbs.