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Integrated EZ Foam Syphon System

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The Integrated EZ Foam Siphon System™, the FoamCan, is the intelligently designed solution for many of the problem encountered by firefighters during Class A/Class B foam operations.
Integrated EZ Foam Syphon System
Integrated EZ Foam Syphon System Integrated EZ Foam Syphon System Integrated EZ Foam Syphon System Integrated EZ Foam Syphon System Introduction to the EZ Foam Siphon System™ family of products

The Patent Pending system features a fixed siphon tube with secure camlok fitting allowing hands free operations while drafting concentrates. The Stilwell prevents foam-sud buildup from obscuring the level of concentrate and helps eliminate air from entering the system by replenishing concentrate.

With this system, firefighters are always able to see the level of concentrate and operations do not have to be shut down while replenishing concentrate. We’ve reduced the possibility of air entering the draft from changing the siphon tube from one empty tote to a full one. This allows a single firefighter to reliably maintain eductor/foam pump operation, keeping a clear visual indication of the concentrate level and able to add more if needed without having to be dedicated to holding a siphon tube. The easy clamp allows the complete system to be transferred from one container to another without disconnecting the drafting system.

Our system is integrated into a standard 10 or 20 gallon container for easy operation. Add a lid for a complete storage solution in a simple container.

Requires 1” female cam lok fitting.

EZ Foam

EZ Foam

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EZ Foam offers a complete line of products to help your Class B firefighting operations run safer and more efficient.

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