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WALKAWAY Bracket (High Cycle)

Ziamatic Walkaway® Bracket (High Cycle) provides instant access to your vital breathing apparatus.
Knockdown Walkaway® Bracket (High Cycle)
Knockdown Walkaway® Bracket (High Cycle) Knockdown Walkaway® Bracket (High Cycle) mounted on a door Knockdown Walkaway® Bracket (High Cycle) in a compartment.

Enjoy maximum efficiency with the WALKAWAY® Spring Clip Air Cylinder Bracket - the most economical and customizable solution for storing and securing air cylinders. The bracket is shipped "Knock-Down" and requires assembly in the field. It only takes a few minutes to assemble with a Torx head screwdriver and 7/16″ wrench. All hardware is included.


  • Versatile compatibility: Designed to fit virtually all makes and models of SCBA.
  • Quick and easy to use: Place the valve on the footplate and push the cylinder into the clips to stow. To remove, pull the cylinder free.
  • Clip Coatings: Black base coating with a second, yellow, non-mar double coating on the clip tips for additional durability and protection. Ideal for moderate to high use.
  • Short Footplate: Ideal for 30 and 45-minute cylinders.

Product Options

  • 5″ Clips: For 5.3″ to 5.8″ diameter cylinders
  • 6″ Clips: For 6.1″ to 6.9″ diameter cylinders
  • 7″ Clips: For 7.1″ to 7.4″ diameter cylinders

Straps (sold separately)

  • Positive Holding Strap (PHS): A two-point strap mounts directly to the bracket backplate. Ideal for use in apparatus side compartments. Darley SKU: AS074
  • Collision Restraint Strap: Exceeds NFPA 11G standard and can be used in apparatus manufactured before 2003 to secure WALKAWAY brackets in the crew cab. Darley SKU: AS075

Note: Per NFPA standards, these brackets should only be used in non-crew areas/the station unless the apparatus was manufactured before 2003.

When every second counts, you can rely on Walkaway® Brackets to provide instant access to your vital breathing apparatus. All brackets are constructed of steel and are thermoplastic coated. High-cycle clips have a multi-layer coating and have been tested for over 50,000 cycles. High cycles are non-abrasive, making them an excellent choice for use with carbon fiber air cylinders. Meets NFPA Requirements (For installation in the cab when equipped with AS075 Collision Restraint Strap). Weight: 1 lb.

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