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OLFA Seat Belt Cutter

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OLFA Seat Belt Cutter
OLFA Seat Belt Cutter OLFA Seat Belt Cutter

*Available in quantities of 10 only*

Easy grip, lightweight cutter. Ideal for use by firefighters, EMTs, law enforcement
and airport workers.

Concealed blade safety knife featuring an adjustable blade positioning design that allows for four cutting points on a single-edge utility blade. Highly productive, it delivers 4x's more cuts than a single-edge, fixed blade "gooseneck" safety knife. Uses the OLFA SKB-10 blade, a single-edge blade featuring one blunt edge for safer handling. Versatile, it features a 5/32" (4mm) throat inlet to cut through various materials and a stainless steel tape slitter for box tape slitting. Acetone resistant for easy cleaning. Fits both right- and left-handed users with no blade adjustment necessary. Tool-free blade change.