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ONESUIT® Flash 2 Hazmat Suit

Saint-Gobain ONESUIT® Flash 2 is the toughest, most durable chemical protective suit certified to the 2016 Edition of the NFPA 1991 standard, offering unsurpassed chemical flash fire resistance and the highest level of protection against chemical and biological agents.


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ONESUIT® Flash 2 Hazmat Suit
ONESUIT® Flash 2 Hazmat Suit

Designed for excellent mobility and user comfort, ONESUIT® Flash 2 comes standard with Saint-Gobain’s new ONESUIT® Hazglove-91 high performance chemical protective gloves.

ONESUIT® Flash 2 – Maximum performance! Maximum protection! Maximum safety!

  • Certified to the highest level of chemical protection: NFPA 1991-2016 Edition, including:
    • Optional Liquefied Gas Protection and
    • Optional Chemical Flash Fire Escape Protection
  • Extreme thermal, flame and chemical flash fire resistance
  • Excellent operational mobility and functionality through NEW streamlined design
  • Incredible comfort from lightweight single-skin suit construction (<13 lbs) CORETECH® material technology
  • Increased peripheral visibility and permanent anti-fog resistance using NEW single-layer CORETECH® Clearguard visor
  • 15 year minimum shelf life providing low life cycle cost
  • Excellent mechanical durability using tough, strong, abrasion resistant CORETECH® materials
  • Enhanced glove comfort and dexterity using new ONESUIT® Hazglove-91
  • Reusable, multi-exposure design

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