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Precision Foam Testing Kit

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Precision Foam Testing Kit
Precision Foam Testing Kit

The Chemguard Precision Foam Solution Test Kit is a comprehensive solution for fire protection professionals who need to determine the proportioning accuracy of mobile foam equipment, fixed foam systems, and portable foam equipment. This kit includes everything you need, excluding the foam itself, to determine if the foam solution discharged from your system or apparatus is mixed or proportioned as recommended by the foam concentrate manufacturer.

Conductivity-based Testing

The kit operates based on conductivity, a measure of a liquid's ability to conduct electricity. This is used to determine the concentration of foam concentrate in foam solutions. This method of testing is widely adopted by most foam concentrate manufacturers and many foam equipment listing and approval agencies, establishing its reliability in determining the accuracy of foam proportioning equipment.

Even with the affordability of the Chemguard Precision Foam Test Kit, it delivers results as accurate as those achievable with a digital conductivity meter and a digital scale. Using our kit, you are taking the guesswork out of your foam system testing.

What’s in the Kit?

Your Chemguard Precision Foam Test Kit comes in a single, custom-fitted carrying case that includes the following:

  • One (1) 250-gram capacity digital scale
  • One (1) digital conductivity meter
  • Eight (8) 125 ml sample beakers
  • One (1) 100 ml graduated cylinder
  • One (1) 250 ml wash bottle
  • Two (2) 500 ml sample bottles with caps
  • Two (2) 250 ml sample bottles with caps
  • Four (4) 125 ml sample bottles with caps
  • Two (2) 10 ml syringes
  • Two (2) 16-inch long sample pipettes
  • Six (6) 5-inch long sample pipettes
  • One (1) pad of 25 conductivity charts
  • One (1) Flexible straight edge rule
  • One (1) 100-gram calibration weight
  • One (1) calibration screwdriver
  • One (1) conductivity calibration solution

The Chemguard Precision Foam Solution Test Kit gives you quality and reliability professionals trust. It is designed to provide the tools to ensure accurate and consistent results for your foam system testing needs. Invest in quality and precision with Chemguard.

Product Brochure

Precision Foam Testing Kit Datasheet

The Precision Foam Testing Kit is designed to simplify the process of testing foam systems for proportioning accuracy. This kit utilizes liquid conductivity and a precision digital scale to accurately prepare standards and test discharge samples; the same method used by nationally recognized testing laboratories when testing systems for listing and approval. Ship. wt. 6 lbs.

  • 1 - Protective carrying case with foam protective padding
  • 1 - Precision digital electronic 250 gram scale with 0.1 gram accuracy
  • 6 - 150ml graduated sample beakers
  • 1 - 100ml graduated cylinder
  • 1 - 250ml wash bottle
  • 2 - 10ml sample pipettes (12" L)
  • 5 - 3ml sample pipettes (6" L)
  • 1 - 500ml water sample bottle
  • 2 - 10ml sample syringes
  • 10 - Test charts (reproducible)
  • 1 - Instruction manual

Product Brochure

 Precision Foam Testing Kit Datasheet

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