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When someone is trapped in their car and the water is rising, when someone needs to escape a burning building, when you put your life on the line to save someone else, you want the equipment that will save their lives and protect yours. Count on Darley. With an extensive stock of rescue equipment, Darley has carefully selected not just the items you need but the ones that you can rely on.

From the gear you wear to the hatchet you carry, Darley offers you a full selection of personal equipment for every kind of rescue. There are gloves for extraction, gloves for rappelling and gloves for rope rescues to name a few. There are helmets that meet the necessary safety standards and are designed for the job you have to do. Darley can dress you for the job in everything from cotton overalls to ice rescue suits. There are the tools that help you reach a victim. There are the harnesses you need to do the job and the lifting help that lets you get someone who has fallen in the most impossible place. There are rescue rafts and rope rescue rigging. If you need it, Darley has it.

When you shop at Darley, you can count on three things. Count on quality. Every item has been chosen because it will get the job done. Count on service. If you have a question, one of Darley’s expert staff has the answer. Count on affordable prices. You’ll get the equipment you need and not break your budget.

When there’s a life that may end up in your hands, count on Darley to be your partner is a successful rescue.