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Vehicle Extrication

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  1. Extrication Protection Kit
    Extrication Protection Kit

    SKU: BP104

  2. Packexe® SMASH Kit
    Packexe® SMASH Kit

    SKU: BP100

  3. Lifting Bag Control Packages
    Lifting Bag Control Packages

    Starting at $1,653.95

  4. Steel Lifting Bags
    Steel Lifting Bags

    Starting at $534.95

  5. TVS Kit
    TVS Kit

    SKU: BL493

  6. Hand Operated Combi Tool
    Hand Operated Combi Tool

    SKU: BL403

  7. 5 HP Electric Power Unit
    5 HP Electric Power Unit

    Starting at $2,600.95

  8. Ram Accessories
    Ram Accessories

    Starting at $210.95


    SKU: BL203

  10. THE BEAST Cutter
    THE BEAST Cutter

    SKU: BL201

  11. THE BEAST Spreader
    THE BEAST Spreader

    SKU: BL202

  12. The Glas-Master
    The Glas-Master

    Starting at $26.95

  13. Giant Step Chocks
    Giant Step Chocks

    SKU: AS271B

  14. Stepped Wedges
    Stepped Wedges

    Starting at $24.95

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Items 1-24 of 52

per page
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Vehicle extrication can be incredibly dangerous for both a firefighter and the victim(s). Each situation presents a different nuance than the last and as such must be treated with care. Never let a situation overwhelm or get away from you again. Our vehicle rescue tools aim to alleviate the stress of most hazardous situations by placing as much control in your hands as possible. Whether you’re looking for a specific tool for a particular use or something all-purpose, eDarley has you covered. We offer a variety of reliable extrication tools ranging from lock pulling kits, vehicle stabilizers, lift bags, cutters, rescue kits, and more. Vehicle extrication tools at eDarley allow you to approach every situation with pride and confidence. Upgrade your inventory today!