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Silver Shield/4H Hazmat Gloves

Honeywell Silver Shield/4H Hazmat Gloves safeguard against over 280 chemicals in applications where cuts, punctures, or abrasions can occur.


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Honeywell First Responder Products is a leading manufacturer of head-to-toe personal protective equipment.

Honeywell uses a five-layer technology compacted into 2.7 millimeters in its Silver Shield/4H Hazmat glove. Each layer of this Hazmat glove acts as a barrier against various epoxies and industrial chemicals, together safeguarding against over 280 chemicals. This superior protection makes the gloves ideal for emergency response and Hazmat clean-up. Additionally, for applications where cuts, punctures, or abrasions can occur, the Silver Shield/4H Hazmat glove can be used as a permeation-resistant liner under a protective glove.
  • Ship. wt. 1 lbs.