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Super Flow 2-Way Ball Valves

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Large, light-weight 2 way LDH ball valve. Feed two LDH hoses from a single LDH line or one LDH hose from two LDH hoses.
Harrington, Inc.

Harrington, Inc.

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Harrington manufactures Storz Adapters, LDH Appliances, V-Groove hose couplings and AWG Fittings for water delivery systems for the Fracking industry.

Super Flow 2-Way Ball Valves
Super Flow 2-Way Ball Valves

The Super Flow ball valve has low friction loss due to a high flow water way design. Hard anodized balls with stainless steel tappets for corrosion resistance. This design permits feed from either direction. Includes adjustable pressure relief valve for added safety.


Length: 18”
Width: 16”
Height: 12”
Weight: 47 Lbs