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Active Shooter Quick Response Equipment



With events such as San Bernardino and Sandy Hook, Active Shooter incidents are occurring on a regular basis and with increasing frequency.  An "active shooter incident" is commonly defined as a situation in which one or more people use deadly force on other people and continue to do so while having unrestricted access to additional victims. In the past, the strategy would be for EMS personnel not to enter the scene until it was completely secure by law enforcement. As a result, precious time was lost while many innocent lives hung in the balance because they were not provided the vital care necessary. In order to get lifesaving medical treatment to victims in mass shootings quicker, Emergency Service Organizations have developed the concept of a Rescue Task Force.

A Rescue Task Force is a team of Police Officers and Fire Fighter/Paramedics working together in the warm zone to deliver emergency medical care to victims. During an event, the first officers to arrive to the scene will not stop to help injured persons. Rescue teams comprised of additional officers and emergency medical personnel will follow the initial officers into the warm zone. These teams treat, stabilize, and remove the injured in a rapid manner, while wearing ballistic protective equipment and under the protection of the Police.

Darley has recognized the need to protect first responders and provide them with essential equipment to operate under the most demanding and dangerous situations. All our active shooter response products have been selected with the input from military, police, and fire personnel. These products will allow our first responders to have the necessary tools they need to enter into hazardous environments, deliver immediate point-of-wounding care to the injured, and the removal of victims at mass casualty response incidents.

If you are considering purchasing equipment in preparation for an active shooter event for your municipality, let Darley assist you. Our equipment is the ideal solution for EMS, Fire-Rescue and Law Enforcement personnel performing operations in response to Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Incidents. Contact us here, or fill up a cart and request a quote so that a specialist can assist you in determining your needs and requirements.