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TopCut™ FireAxe

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Due to manufacturer restrictions we are currently unable to sell this product outside of the United States. For more information please contact Karen Catanese at [email protected].

Finally. A FireAxe That Says “Goodbye” to the Old Wood Cutter’s Blade.


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For over 40 years, Paratech has been working to make sure that you have the most reliable, innovatively designed and precision manufactured tools and equipment to do your job.

Finally. A FireAxe That Says “Goodbye” to the Old Wood Cutter’s Blade.

This new design from Paratech directs maximum chopping force to the top half of the axe blade. Fire ground axe work demands a tool designed for what firefighters do. They chop walls, floors, roofs and doors and this work requires a cutting edge that is not designed for a woodcutter. The weight of the Paratech axe head is reduced thanks to its more practical design. The axe head is contoured to hold the claw of a halligan type tool and the rear-striking surface is shaped for maximum efficiency. The fiberglass handle features solid core construction for longer life. 36.5" contoured axe handle.

  • Designed for work on the fire ground
  • More efficiency, less weight
  • Shaped to cut from the top half of the axe blade
  • Heat-treated for strength and durability
  • Contoured for weight distribution and the halligan tool
  • Does more work than an 8 lb. axe head
  • Patent Pending