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VSR Variable Speed Power Blowers

The VSR is the Power Blower you're looking for if you want the convenience of an electric fan, but the performance of a gas.
Tempest Technology

Tempest Technology

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Tempest is the industry leader and pioneer in development of positive pressure ventilation products.

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16" VSR Variable Speed PPV Fan, Elec

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18" Variable Speed Electric Power Blower

SKU: BL764


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21" Variable Speed Electric Power Blower

SKU: BL765


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24" VSR Variable Speed PPV Fan, Elec

SKU: BL766


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The VSG positive pressure ventilation fan was one of the original variable speed, GFCI compatible Power Blowers™ to hit the fire service. Today, it’s now one of the most popular. Powered by its 1.5 HP motor, the VSG PPV fan is guaranteed to provide high performance, reliable ventilation while running on nearly any rig or house hold wall outlet. The variable speed control makes the VSG perfect for ventilating a wide range of both small and large structures.

GFCI/NEMA 4 VariAble speed Drive

The VSG positive pressure ventilation fan is equipped with a time tested and proven variable speed drive. This GFCI compatible, NEMA 4 rated control box is durable, reliable and easy to operate. The 0 – 100 Rheostat knob and On/Off toggle are all it takes to operate this PPV fan quickly and effectively.

Welded Steel Roll Cage Frame

Every bend and cross brace weld is structurally engineered to increase the blower frame’s strength to weight ratio by as much as 30%. Welds eliminate the need to continuously maintain/tighten nuts and bolts. Its roll cage design gives protection to all angles and sides of the shroud and motor.

8” Non-Pneumatic Wheels

Extra wide 8” off-road non-pneumatic tires are more durable and allow easy movement up and down stairs, over curbs and large diameter hoses, as well as through rough or muddy terrain. No brakes to forget to lock down or unlock. The PPV fan rests on firm, anti-vibration rubber feet for stability. “Walking” or movement of the fan while in operation is eliminated. Risk of getting clothing in the positive pressure fan’s blades while kneeling to set brake levers is eliminated. 16” models are only available with 6” non-pneumatic tires.

Turbo 2000 Shroud

By redesigning the inward curve and front of the shroud, the Turbo 2000 increases air velocity by up to 30%. The air hitting the ventilation opening is stronger and maintains PPV pressure farther downwind.

AirFlex Composition Impeller

Uniquely designed impellers deliver maximum air volume (CFM), velocity and pressure from each Tempest Power Blower™. Every size and type of fan features a blade designed specifically for it to deliver the greatest performance possible. Composite blades are much safer than traditional metal blades as they are designed to disintegrate upon impact of any foreign objects. Metal blades may fragment when integrity is compromised, potentially causing severe injury.

Flip-Up/Fold-Down Handle

The exclusive full width handle design makes pushing or pulling the positive pressure ventilation fan to and from the ventilation site quick and easy. The handle quickly swings up to a comfortable height and automatically locks firmly into position. Unlatch and easily fold the handle down for storage at the fan’s listed dimensions.

Dual “Winning Step”

No levers to set or knobs to tighten when setting the angle for PPV/PPA. Foot operated adjustment is quick, easy and secure. Allows for up to 5 (4 on 16” models) tilt positions: -5°, 0°, +5°, +10°, +15°.

Safety Grille

Front and rear safety grilles feature a continuous spun wire body with eight tie point bars that also support the “Turbo 2000” shroud integrity. Meets strict European CE Safety Standards.

Information/Safety Bar

Features a large section of durable, reflective material to dramatically increase visibility of the blower from front view and a full list of instructions on the back to allow for safe and effective use.


TYPE Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan, Cone Air Flow (CAF)
BLADE 16″, 18″, 21″, or 24″ Diameter Assembly Made Up of AirFlex Fiberglass Reinforced Polyamide Blades
FRAME Rugged, Lightweight, Square-Steel Tubing with Powder-Coat Finish
SHROUD Turbo 2000 Design, Tapered Aluminum w/ Durable Powder-Coat Finish
WHEELS 16″ Models: 6″ Non-Pneumatic w/ Steel Hubs
18″, 21″ and 24″ Models: 8″ Non-Pneumatic w/ Steel Hubs
GRILLE Continuous Circular-Wound, External-Weld Steel Wire with 8 Tie Points for Additional Safety
Meets UL & European CE Safety Standards
MOTOR/DRIVE Direct-Drive Variable Speed 110-120V, 60Hz Electric Motor
GFCI Compatible
NEMA-4 Rated Drive
VIBRATION DAMPERNERS Steel-Reinforced Rubber and Welded Steel Spring Feet
TILT Foot-Operated Tilt Mechanism
16” Models: Four Position Tilt, +10°, +5°, 0°, -5°
18”, 21”, 24” Models: Five Position Tilt, +15°, +10°, +5°, 0°, -5°


  • Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan - Cone Air Flow
  • Variable Speed Electric - 2.0 HP Motor
  • GFCI Compatible: Designed to Run on 15 AMP Circuit - Actual Draw Approx. 14 AMP


  • NEMA 4 Rated
  • 110V / 60Hz Standard (Other Options may be Available)


16", 18", 21", or 24" Diameter Assembly Made Up of Air Flex Fiberglass Reinforced Polyamide Blades


Turbo 2000 Design, Tapered Aluminum w/ Durable Powder-Coat Finish


  • Continuous Circular Wound, Zinc-Plated Steel w/ 8 Tie Points for Additional Safety
  • Meets UL & European CE Safety Standards


Welded Square Steel Tubing w/ Durable Powder-Coat Finish


  • Manual Set Foot Operated Dual "Winning Step"
  • Five Position Tilt: +15°, +10°, +5°, 0°, -5°


  • 16" Models: Non-Pneumatic w/ Steel Hubs
  • 18", 21" and 24" Models: 8" Non-Pneumatic w/ Steel Hubs

Product Brochure

 VSR Variable Speed Power Blowers Manual