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Wet Mitigation Rinse

Fire-Dex Wet Mitigation Rinse is used for on-scene preliminary gross decontamination of PPE. Remove particulates away from the firefighter's turnout gear to mitigate cross-contamination. This design easily rinses, leaving no residue on the turnout ensemble.
Wet Mitigation Rinse Case of 4
Wet Mitigation Rinse Case of 4

Use Wet Mitigation Rinse to quickly remove gross particulate away from the firefighter's full turnout ensemble equipment and SCBA to help mitigate cross contamination. Rinse with water, apply solution, brush, rinse with water again, then transport PPE back to the station where Advanced Cleaning can be performed.

Designed to safely rinse leaving no residue on turnout ensemble equipment and the firefighter. Quickly spray down fully-equipped firefighter with air on with a proportioning system or pump up sprayer. Spray on using a wide fan spray nozzle from overhead working top down. Then, switch to rinse setting or use a low pressure hose.

Wet Mitigation Rinse specs:

  • Meets NFPA 1851 pH requirements
  • Designed to easily rinse off gear
  • No fragrance
  • No VOC
  • Safe for the environment
  • pH = 7.0 (neutral)

Application Tools for Concentrate: Use a self-contained agent proportioning and rinse application system with a wide spray nozzle. Or, dilute 1-2 oz. for a 1-1.5 gallon pump up sprayer/foamer to quickly spray on for decon process.



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