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Rescue Randy

Rescue Randy

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AC057 105 lbs., Caucasian Rescue Randy
AL246 105 lbs African American Rescue Randy
AC058 145 lbs., Caucasian Rescue Randy
AL247 145 lbs., African American Rescue Randy
AC059 165 lbs., Caucasian Rescue Randy
AL248 165 lbs., African American Rescue Randy
AS369 165 lbs. Rescue Randy™ Combat Challenge
AS370 165 lbs. I.A.F.F. Rescue Randy™ w/Reinforcement

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About This Product

Randy's fully articulated body duplicates the weight and resiliency of a human body and can be positioned for realistic patient handling or extrication in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for volunteer victims. His rugged construction means years of use in any rescue training environment from poletop retrieval to tunnel or confined space rescue, automobile extrication, firefighter's carry practice, smoke filled buildings etc.

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