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Helmet Mounted Lights

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  1. Vantage® II Helmet Light
    Vantage® II Helmet Light

    SKU: BP064

  2. 3AA ProPolymer® HAZ-LO® Helmet Lighting Kit
  3. Vantage® LED Helmet-Mounted Light
  4. FORGE™ Helmet-Mounted Multi-Function Flashlight
  5. Vantage® 180 X Flashlight
    Vantage® 180 X Flashlight
    Special Price $89.95 Regular Price $104.95
  6. Mini-TAC Pro EMT
    Mini-TAC Pro EMT

    SKU: BN167

  7. Blackjack Full House Helmet Light Mount
  8. Blackjack ACE Helmet Light Mount
  9. Side Mounted Helmet Light
    Side Mounted Helmet Light

    SKU: BL732

  10. NITEX® PRO eLED Rechargeable Flashlight
  11. FoxFury Discover Tasker Fire Helmet Light
  12. FoxFury Command 20 Fire Helmet Light
  13. Vizion™ 3AAA eLED Headlamp
  14. Universal Helmet Light Holder
  15. Trident® LED Headlamp
    Trident® LED Headlamp

    SKU: AW283

  16. UK4AA eLED Zoom Front Switch Light
  17. HeadsUp Recoil Lite® LED
    HeadsUp Recoil Lite® LED

    SKU: BC047

  18. Helmet Light Holder
    Helmet Light Holder

    SKU: AK117

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21 Items

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Don’t let its size fool you; a fire helmet light is crucial to any task. Despite their size, lights for firefighter helmet provide a service like no other. Working in the dark—without the guidance of sight—is problematic, but doesn’t have to be. Nor should it be. Never to be underestimated, a simple helmet light can assist you even during the day, or in well-lit areas. Our catalog features multipurpose helmet lamps that brighten any job. Whether you’re in need of a particular certain size or interested in peak brightness, we can help. Stay safe with our selection of versatile, high quality, headlights tailored to your specific needs. We offer side mounted, rechargeable flashlights, everyday headlamps, and much more. Illuminate the dark with our collection of firefighter helmet lights.