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Outdoor Warning Sirens

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  1. 15 HP Warning Siren in 3 Phase Power
  2. Battery Primary Warning System
    Battery Primary Warning System

    SKU: BN684

  3. G2 Siren Controller
    G2 Siren Controller

    SKU: BL567

  4. G1 Siren Controller
    G1 Siren Controller

    SKU: BG168

  5. G3 Siren Controller
    G3 Siren Controller

    SKU: BG167

  6. 10-HP Sirens w/Horns
    10-HP Sirens w/Horns

    Starting at $486.95

  7. 7.5-HP Siren w/Horns
    7.5-HP Siren w/Horns

    Starting at $486.95

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14 Items

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What makes Darley Sirens the industry’s finest? A potent combination of the latest technology applied to time-tested siren designs. Darley outdoor warning sirens are Omni-directional and distribute the siren’s full decibel output 360 degrees around the siren at all times. Another hallmark of Darley’s superior product is the use of continuous duty motors. Our siren motors are rated for approximately 10,000 hours of continuous, uninterrupted service. This means that there is no cooling period, no shut-down time. The siren works when you need it to work, period. Of course, all Darley sirens are backed by the industry’s longest warranty and best customer service.