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Fire Hose Racks

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  1. Outside Hose House
    Outside Hose House
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  2. Hose Storage Bracket
    Hose Storage Bracket

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  3. Dry and Store Hose Rack
    Dry and Store Hose Rack

    SKU: BB039

  4. Tilting Hose Turn Table
    Tilting Hose Turn Table

    SKU: AS533

  5. Hose Pin Rack
    Hose Pin Rack

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7 Items

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A messy workplace can affect productivity and team morale. Don’t let your workplace be an unhappy one. Proper fire hose storage will not only keep your hoses in working order, but keep your department looking and feeling sharp. Creating an orderly workspace around the department is but one benefit. Adhering to proper storage adequate can keep your fire hoses free of unnecessary damage. Conquer the long twists and turns of a fire hose without it getting the best of you. Fire hose storage racks at eDarley are designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind.

In addition to your standard fire hose racks and freestanding hangers, we offer mobile drying racks and outside fire hose storage houses. Mobile racks at eDarley allow for easy transportation around your department. Let wasting time untangling unnecessary messes be an occurrence of the past and experience the nuance of accessibly with our drying and storage racks today.