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Apparatus Equipment

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  1. SPECTRA 950 LED Perimeter Light
    SPECTRA 950 LED Perimeter Light

    SKU: BP569

  2. inView 360 HD
    inView 360 HD

    SKU: BP560

  3. Stackable Scene Light Bracket
    Stackable Scene Light Bracket

    SKU: BP542

  4. HAAS Alert Bluetooth Device
    HAAS Alert Bluetooth Device

    SKU: BN696

  5. Handheld Remote Area Lighting System
  6. Mini Lok (Large) – 1102
    Mini Lok (Large) – 1102

    SKU: BP210

  7. Mini Lok (Small) – 1101
    Mini Lok (Small) – 1101

    SKU: BP209

  8. Portable Scene Light II
    Portable Scene Light II

    SKU: BP080

  9. Large Quic Choc®
    Large Quic Choc®

    Starting at $45.95

  10. Medium Quic Choc®
    Medium Quic Choc®

    Starting at $52.95

  11. Passenger Warning Signs
    Passenger Warning Signs
    Special Price $5.56 Regular Price $6.95
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Items 1-24 of 230

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You will always be prepared with our selection of firefighter apparatus equipment. At eDarley we make sure to accommodate your department’s every apparatus need. A firefighter’s workday is unpredictable. As such one must act with a sense of preparedness at all times. Whether you are looking for the simplest of tools or something a little more complex, our assortment of firefighter apparatus will make each job—both inside and out—easier for you and your team. If you’re looking for premium ladders, lamp kits, hose reels, cameras, or something in-between look no further than eDarley. Shop our catalog of quality products and equipment from Duo Safety, Ziamatic, Task Force Tips, and other brands you can depend on.