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2-1/2" TurboDraft Eductor

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This innovative tool makes water sources like ponds, streams, and swimming pools up to 250' away accessible, turning the tide in your favor during firefighting missions. Able to generate impressive flow rates of 264 GPM or more, this device is your secret weapon in rural and hard-to-reach locations. Embrace efficiency, expand capabilities, and enhance safety with TurboDraft™. Your firefighting solution for the unconventional challenges of tomorrow!
2½” TurboDraft Eductor
2½” TurboDraft Eductor 2-1/2" TurboDraft Eductor - Performance Chart 2-1/2" TurboDraft Eductor - Dimensions

The 2-1/2″ TurboDraft™ Eductor by Schutte & Koerting provides an effective and innovative solution for remote fire suppression needs. It allows fire companies to tap into distant and previously inaccessible water sources like ponds, streams, and swimming pools up to 250’ away. With the ability to generate water flows up to 264 GPM or more, this TurboDraft™ unit enhances your firefighting capabilities even in the most rural locations.

Operating Principle

The TurboDraft™ Eductor operates on the principle of eductor-driven water movement. Fire flow amounts will vary depending on elevation and hose friction loss. Greater usable flow rates are achievable depending on hose friction loss coefficients or when utilizing a 6” large diameter hose. We recommend conducting field testing to confirm flow rates for each hose configuration.

Distant Water Source Situation¹
Length of 5" Hose Lift Pump Discharge Pressure Base Line Fire Flow
50' 10'
175 psig
175 psig

264 gpm
185 gpm

100' 10'
180 psig
180 psig
224 gpm
157 gpm
150' 10'
185 psig
185 psig
189 gpm
128 gpm
200' 10'
190 psig
190 psig
173 gpm
110 gpm
¹ Theoretical, based on test curves of 9/21/99 and hose friction loss per NFPA® Fire Protection Handbook, 15th Edition, Table 17-7H, actual friction losses may vary depending upon hose and coupling design/manufacturer.


Product Features

  • Overall Length: 30"
  • Weight: 19 lbs.
  • Connections: 1-1/2" NST Female Inlet; 2 1/2" NST Male Outlet
  • Flow Capacity: Up to 264 GPM or more
  • Operational Range: Able to access water sources up to 250' away
  • Compatibility: Works effectively with a variety of hose configurations


  • Shipping Dimensions: 36"L x 12"W x 12"H
  • Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.

The 2 1/2″ TurboDraft™ Eductor is versatile for any fire company operating in rural and remote locations. Harness the power of distant water sources with this efficient and robust solution.

Schutte & Koerting

Schutte & Koerting

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Schutte & Koerting's TurboDraft™ Fire Eductor provides fire departments with a dependable solution to access static water sources that are not readily accessible using conventional drafting techniques.

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