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Air Hammer Rescue Kits

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Air Hammer Rescue Kits
Air Hammer Rescue Kits
High-quality Air Hammer Rescue Kits have been designed specifically for extrication and field–proven not only for emergency extrications but for all types of emergency cutting such as: factory doors, casement windows, fire doors and many other jobs. Release the trigger and the tool stops instantly, unlike some cutting tools that gradually slow down, leaving the operator vulnerable. Completely portable and compact enough to be easily carried in fire trucks and rescue vehicles. Operated off fresh air tanks, compressors, nitrogen bottles, cascade systems or air brake outlets. Use with either 2216 or 4500 psi air tanks.

  • Hammer for .401-in. shank tools
  • 2-double blade panel
  • 1/4" Male Coupler
  • Retainer
  • Cutter (non-turn)
  • 1/4" Female Coupler
  • Regulator
  • 2-Kwik Cutter (non-turn)
  • Gauge Guard Steel
  • Moil Point (turn type)
  • 2-Kwik Cutter, 18" (non-turn)
  • Kit Box
  • 15 ft. 1/4" Hose
  • 1/4" Male Connector (2)
  • 4 oz. Oil