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Bio-Matrix Absorbent

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Bio-Matrix Absorbent
Bio-Matrix Absorbent

*Minimum order of 25

  • 2.2 cubic foot double compressed bag
  • Each bag weighs approximately 30 lbs. & will absorb 30 gallons

Typical Absorption Times:

  • Gasoline: 2 seconds
  • Gas-Oil: 5 seconds
  • Engine Oil: 20 seconds
  • Blood: 30 seconds
  • Light Crude: 60 seconds
  • Heavy Crude: 90 seconds

Bio-Matrix is a non-toxic, all-natural, 100% organic, lab-tested, field-proven, industrial absorbent that is economical, efficient, non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-leaching, and in its natural state is already biodegraded. The inherent capillary action of the activated peat provides a powerful wicking action and encapsulates oils, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and all other organic chemicals on contact.

Bio-Matrix suppresses vapors and absorbs hydrocarbons on land or water, in dry or wet conditions, and does not require specially trained technicians or high-tech equipment for handling or disposing of the spent peat.

Bio-Matrix weighs little and affords users the ability to carry more, clean up more, and save on transportation and disposal costs.

Bio-Matrix that is used will not leech or discharge used pollutants, making it clean and easy to handle.

Bio-Matrix that is used can be incinerated or disposed of in landfills or land farmed with no detrimental effects to the environment.

Bio-Matrix is the ideal host for use in the microbial degradation/bio-remediation of contaminated land. It also contains HAC, a natural organic catalyst that accelerates the process of microbial degradation bringing the soil back to its original condition in a fraction of the usual time frame.

Bio-Matrix as an energy source contributes 8,400 BTUs per lb./18,500 per kilo weight of the product, excluding absorbed hydrocarbons, and burns to a residue of less than 2% of its original volume.

Bio-Matrix is available in compressed and loose-filled bags, in booms, socks, cushions, and pads, in various combinations of spill kits, and in customized filtration and bio-remediation treatment packages.