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Phos-Chek Class A Foam 4 oz./Case of 36

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Phos-Chek Class A Foam 4 oz./Case of 36
Phos-Chek Class A Foam 4 oz./Case of 36

Phos-Chek WD 881 Class A foam provides superior foam generation and is the most concentrated Class A foam product available today. Phos-Chek WD 881 is a unique combination of surfactants that make water more effective for fire fighting. Phos-Chek WD 881 has been tested and approved for use by the U.S. Forest Service. U.S. Forest Service testing includes product Environmental, Health & Safety, and Corrosion criteria. Phos-Chek WD 881 is also a U.L. listed Wetting Agent at a very low use rate of 0.1% for Class A and 0.25% for Class B fires. Phos-Chek WD 881 meets the requirements of NFPA 1150, contains no EPA listed hazardous materials, and is readily biodegradable. Phos-Chek WD 881 works extremely well with CAFS at ratios of 0.2 to 0.3%.

Ship wt. 45 lbs.



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Faster knockdown and fast and complete extinguishment increase fire fighter safety and minimize damage. Phos-Chek fire fighting foams are the worlds safest, most effective, and environmentally responsible products available.

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