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Pick and Flat Head Fire Axes

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Fire Axe Inc Pick and Flat Head Fire Axes feature fiberglass or hickory handles in standard flat heads or pick axe heads.
Fire Axe Inc

Fire Axe Inc

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Made in America. By Firefighters. For Firefighters.

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Pick and Flat Head Fire Axes
Pick and Flat Head Fire Axes

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    The pick head axe is far superior to any other axe on the market. The head of the axe is made from high-grade tool steel, and then heat-treated, making the entire head twice as hard as a regular axe. This axe will cut through 16 penny nails and stay razor sharp. The head of the axe has a mirror polish (not chrome). This allows for quick, easy cleaning of the tool and it will look good. It has a 5" pick (twice as long as all others). The axes also have a built-in guard to protect the handle. Handles come in 28", 32", and 36" in either wood (hickory) or fiberglass. All fiberglass handles are made by NUPLA Corp. and are designed to be shaped as close to wood as possible. Handles are rated at 1,200 lbs. Scabbards are made with heavy-duty leather, twice as thick as others. The leather used comes from the shoulder of the hide, making it very strong. Scabbards will not stretch out and come pre-conditioned.